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Your Ultimate Surfing Training Workout From Laird Hamilton


If you have ever seen Laird Hamilton performing a surf workout or surfing giant waves, he often seems larger than life. Muscular, lean, fit and strong who leads a crew of people chasing huge mountains of water around the globe looking for the ultimate surfing wave. In order to do this he trains his mind and body to be ready. ...

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Most Effective Forms of Cross Training for Surfers


  Surfing is one of the most physically demanding sports there is today. Mainly because it’s ride or die out there; shred or get shredded. The waves don’t stop for you, which means that you don’t stop. This type of physical fitness requires a great deal of endurance, strength, agility, and balance. One of the best ways to become a ...

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Surf Fitness – Ride the Waves and Go With the Flow


Surfing is one of the few sports that require all aspects of fitness: · Aerobic Endurance · Strength · Flexibility · Coordination · Agility · Balance · Proprioception Your traditional gym workouts will take care of your strength and aerobic requirements, and your yoga class will be more than adequate for flexibility. However, for surf-specific coordination, agility, balance and proprioception, ...

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Paddle Sports Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Kayak Paddle


A proper paddle is required for all paddle sports, whether it’s kayaking or stand up paddling (SUP). When it comes to kayaking in particular, there are a number of things you should consider to choose the one that’ll improve your performance on the water. Choosing a paddle of improper length or width, for example, can make it harder to increase ...

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Weight Training for Triathletes


  Some triathletes swear by it, some dismiss it as unnecessary but the whole “should I do weights?” question keeps doing the rounds. One reason there is much debate on this issue is that the answer is complicated and usually starts with “it depends“… How much strength does a triathlete need? What type of strength? What distance triathlon are we ...

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Paddle Sports for Fitness


Physical fitness is something that we all need to be concerned about but it so hard to stay with an exercise program. People every year join a gym but then stop going within a few months. It is not really a surprise that they quit because they do not truly enjoy what they are doing. Eventually even the effort of ...

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